Shannon Campbell

  1. Councilwoman Shannon Campbell

    Seat 1
    Council Members are elected by the voters to serve on the City Council. Four are elected from their geographic districts and two are elected Citywide. Council Members participate as equal members of the City Council in deliberating City business and setting policy. 


    Shannon Campbell is a newly elected Councilwoman representing seat one. Ms. Campbell is a lifelong resident of Miami Gardens. While her appointment to the council is new, her commitment to the community is something for which she has always shown dedication. Ms. Campbell was appointed to serve on the City of Miami Gardens Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) where she was an active member who was always willing, ready, and able to provide concrete direction to the Miami Gardens Police Department. She is also an active member of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church Social Justice Ministry. In this capacity, she was
    instrumental in advocating for ex-felons rights to be restored. Ms. Campbell is also a member of People Acting for the Community Together (P.A.C.T), an organization that holds public officials accountable to create systematic change in Miami-Dade County. 

    Ms. Campbell is an honors graduate with a Masters Degree in Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. She also has a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Varying Exceptionalities from Nova Southeastern University. True to her educational background, Ms. Campbell is an educator with over 25 years’ experience. For six years, she has been elected as a steward for Broward Teachers Union as well as serving on the School Advisory Committee (SAC). Young adult initiatives are dear to Ms. Campbell. She is a mentor with Young Brilliant Minds Inc. where she coaches young people on entrepreneurship. She prides herself on empowering youth minds to reach their fullest potential. She has helped mold young people into positive, productive citizens by strengthening their reading skills propelling them into areas once unknown. She teaches children that despite their backgrounds, they have the potential to soar beyond the limitations set by circumstance and society. Where others see problems, Ms. Campbell finds solutions which is evident by the number of people who approach her with their questions and concerns on a consistent basis. Problem solving is one attribute that will serve her constituents well because she has the skills and knowledge to communicate the concerns of the masses in a manner that will assist in meeting overall objectives. Ms. Campbell understands and embraces that her role as councilwoman is to give the people’s voice a seat at the table.