Purchase Assistance Program

The City of Miami Gardens through the State Housing Initiative Program (SHIP) has a Purchase Assistance Program to include assistance with down payment and closing costs. These are typically available for persons who meet particular income requirements.   

  • Eligible applicants can receive up to $20,000.00 in assistance.
  • Assistance will be provided on a first-qualified, first-ready, first-served basis, funds are limited.
  • Homebuyers must complete an education course by a HUD-certified Housing Counselor- Home Buyer's Education Workshop
  • A first-time buyer is considered someone who hasn’t owned a home in the last three years
  • Applications are provided once a fully executed sales contract and Lender-approval letter have been received. 
  • First time homebuyers- Down payment assistance

Income Eligibility Per Household Size

1 Person
2 People
3 People4 People
5 People
6 People


  • Participants with income less than or equal to 120% of median income for family size. 
  • Property must be located within the City of Miami Gardens city limits. 
  • City of Miami Gardens, single-family homes, including townhomes, duplexes, and condominiums 
  • Property sales price does not exceed $ 331,881.00 and $405,640.00 in Targeted Areas- click for map.


  • Forgivable at the End of 30 years 
  • Maximum assistance is up to $20,000.00
  • Funds will be awarded as a deferred payment loan secured by a recorded subordinate mortgage and note.
  • Interest Rate: 0 % rate