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Building Division Documents

  1. 30 Day Temp Electric Service (updated 2020) (PDF)
  2. Affidavit For Encroachment Of Easement (updated 2017) (PDF)
  3. Building Services Building Division Fee Schedule (updated 2023) (PDF)
  4. Change of Architect or Engineer (updated 2017) (PDF)
  5. Change of Contractor Package (updated 2017) (PDF)
  6. Contractor Registration Requirements (updated 2017) (PDF)
  7. Covenant Letter (PDF)
  8. Early Start Letter Request (PDF)
  9. Electronic Plan Submission Requirements (updated 2017) (PDF)
  10. Impervious Percentage Form (PDF)
  11. Legalization of Existing Structures Form (PDF)
  12. Miami Dade Permit Closure Requirements (updated 2017) (PDF)
  13. Notice of Commencement (updated 2017) (PDF)
  14. Permit Application (updated 2023) (PDF)
  15. Permit Application Extension Request (updated 2017) (PDF)
  16. Permit Renewal Form (updated 2021) (PDF)
  17. Permit-Cancellation-Request-Package-Rev-2021-02-01 (PDF)
  18. Permit-Refund-Request-Package-Rev-2021-02-01 (PDF)
  19. Private Provider Application-2023-04-20 (PDF)
  20. Requirements for Commercial Chain Link Fence (PDF)
  21. Requirements for Metal Fence (PDF)
  22. Requirements for Wood Fence (PDF)
  23. Residential and Light Commercial Air Conditioning Replacements (updated 2023) (PDF)
  24. Residential Swimming Pool with Spa or Hot Tub (PDF)
  25. Shed Requirement Form (updated 2017) (PDF)
  26. Shop Drawing Form (PDF)
  27. Solar Permit Guideline (PDF)
  28. Solar Roof Warranty Owner Notice (PDF)
  29. Special Event Package (PDF)
  30. Special Inspector Form (updated 2015) (PDF)
  31. Temporary Inspection Procedures Engineer Report 2020-07-08 (PDF)
  32. Water-Heater-Replacement-2021-03-22 (PDF)
  33. Window and Door Requirements (updated 2018)(PDF)

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